And we have a house!

>> Sunday, October 18, 2009

Busy busy busy weekend, we FINALLY have decided on a house, we went to the football game, and did plenty of entertaining things for the kids!

First off the house. (YAY!) The situation with all of the short sales was getting pretty rough so we have chosen to build a home. It is little smaller than what we previously thought we wanted, but the location seals the deal. Then again when we had 4,000 square feet we basically lived in 1,000 of it. They say it will be done by April, cross your fingers everything works out well.

Yesterday the whole family went to the football game. We had a babysitter lined up since it was a late game, BUT she ended up having the swine flu so they tagged along. They brought a backpack full of Barbies, books, and flash cards with to keep themselves entertained. When we were going through security they had to check the backpack Tay was wearing at the time. Andrew told the security guard all that was in there were some Barbies and stuff...Tay got embarrassed and said...AWE YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO TELL HIM THAT!! They spent most of the game flirting with the teenaged boys sitting behind us and quizzing them with their 1st grade flash cards. :)

Sid has her first field trip this Wednesday and Maddy and Tay also have a field trip on Friday. Sydney is super excited as she is going to the pumpkin patch, and the girls are going to a Cinderella play!

Here are some pictures from the week!!

Tay in the Sun Devil spirit

Maddy not looking at the camera :)

Our Babies with their Devil horns and pitchforks

100% on spelling tests!!

I loved the last line on the directions on Sid's homework
It's SO true!

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