Night with the babysitter

>> Saturday, October 03, 2009

Andrew and I went to the ASU game this afternoon/evening and left the girls home with a babysitter. We had her come from 1pm- 10pm, which is a little longer than we usually leave them with someone. Since we were going to be gone so long, I left my cell phone in case of emergencies. Last night we went over what type of an emergency would require a call and after much discussion we didn't feel much better about the topic. So by the end of the night we received two calls....both from Tay.

Call #1....I have fallen off the bed and scraped my leg. I'm sorry for the call good-bye.

Call #2....I feel sick and might throw up.

Surprisingly she was still alive when we got home.

Andrew and I had a good time at the football game (even though they suck). We met up with some friends afterwards and had a few drinks in honor of Andrew's birthday.

So to wrap up a good night....




P.S. 100% on both spelling tests this week so PetCo adoptions visit is in order....and whatever Tay and Sid plan to do. Yippee!

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