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>> Thursday, November 05, 2009

We took our trips to the dentist this week. Sid went first and her appointment was awesome! She let them do x-rays (this is a first), clean her teeth, and put vitamins on all with no tears or gagging. There was a little bribing involved but so worth it! The dentist said she has no roots left on her two front teeth, probably from trauma, but they are ready to come out!

The next day Maddy and Tay got to go, and we got some shocking yet not surprising news. They need to go to the orthodontist and SOON! We have the appointment scheduled in two weeks to see what the plan will be and move on from there. As of right now we know they need pallet expanders and teeth pulled.


Tay, Andrew, and a peek of Sid trying to open up something.

Tay made this journal page at school. Andrew asked her if it was a true story and she said, yes. Interesting :)

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