What Chore Do You Despise?

>> Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy past couple of days at our house. Sid is still recovering from her stomach flu; she complains of a stomach ache at least once if not nine times a day.

Our past couple of days have consisted of.....

Homework Projects
Homework Make-Up
Visiting our new house
more Laundry
and putting away Laundry

Have I ever mentioned I HATE laundry. It is seriously the worst possible chore of house work. I do not mind scrubbing toilets, washing floors, cooking, doing dishes, vacuuming. I HATE laundry. Silly because I love clothes?! The whole process is annoying to me, I leave it for days. Probably isn't a good thing because then I am overwhelmed with it. My mom tells me I should do it as it comes, but bad habits are hard to break.
This little pup usually sleeps on dirty laundry....at least it has a use!

So I will continue to hate laundry.........what chore will you continue to hate?

Andrew probably hates dog poop, and there's no good use for dog poop.

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