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>> Monday, February 08, 2010

I'm doing what I said I would do so here it is.

Gymnastics tonight, these girls LOVE gymnastics...can't wait till about it all week. As we are driving up to gymnastics, Sid declares she does not want to participate today.

We pull out all of the tricks in the book and STILL can't get her to go in.

UNBELIEVABLE, since the day she was born she has upheld the name "little boss"

1. refused to eat baby food; still doesn't eat and only keeps about 10-15 preferred foods in her diet
2. refused to poop in the toilet until the age of four, do you know what it's like to change a diaper from a three and a half year old?
3. eats a different dinner from the rest of the family EVERY NIGHT
4. pulls out the line...."Mommy do it" "Daddy do it" and the ever popular "Grammy do it" and won't let anyone else help except that designated person
5. occasionally refuses to get out of the car to go to school when I pull up to the kiss and drop line. (without any warning)
6. has sent back food at restaurants starting at about the age of two because it wasn't hot enough or there were garnishes on it
7. must make her homework every night to do with her sisters and if I don't, I pay for it
8. insisted I go to school on Saturday morning to get her folder she forgot. threw an ENORMOUS fit and didn't care if I had to break in
9. must take inventory of her stuffed animals on her bed every night and cover her up with her blankets in a certain order
10. hates the dentist/doctor and throws a fit even at the age of five
11. occasionally she insists I feed her because that is the only way she will eat

I could go on and on and on. Now many of you would say...why give into her? Well we've tried this and she doesn't give in. She won't eat for days if you give her something she doesn't like. When she was younger she would just hold her poop if we didn't give her a diaper, she just doesn't give in. I'm guessing it's the combination of being third child, the baby of the family, and the red hair.

Love her to pieces but she is definitely my birth control on days like this.

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