Two-Wheeler Time!

>> Friday, February 19, 2010

The time is upon us...time to teach the twins how to ride a two-wheeler.

We have put this off for a number of years, they are now almost 7 and a half and still can only ride with training wheels.

You ask why we have put it off so long?
1. Maddie doesn't have good balance, she is not the most coordinated kid
2. Tay is deathly afraid after watching Maddie tip over before she even gets moving
3. Trying to teach two at the same time adds extra difficulty
4. Sid wants to learn too....make that teach three at the same time
5. The thought of it just makes me tired

But we can't put it off any longer. So today, after school we will attempt to teach the twins to ride a two wheeler and hope Sid is happy with her training wheels just for awhile longer.

Wish us luck and an afternoon of no broken arms/legs/faces/pride

Biking was WONDERFUL! We went to the park and they started in the grass which worked perfectly. Maddie eventually moved to the parking lot, Sid was mostly happy riding around the playset. All in all SUCCESS! Check it out!

When I moved Maddie to the parking lot to ride she told me she was worried about falling and hurting herself. I said to just put her feet down the way she had been when she was in the grass.
To that she said...OOOHHH so that's why we have feets!

My favorite part?....The smile she gives at the end. She is so proud of herself.

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