Valentine's Mailboxes

>> Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Valentine's Day is a holiday for children. They get to exchange cartoon valentines, make cookies covered in frosting, create first crushes/loves, and get to wear pretty pink bows in their hair.

Of course I'm not discounting my need for flowers and candy on this day BUT I believe the children get the most joy out of it.

Earlier this week we made a trip to Target so the girls could make their decisions on what Valentine's they were going to get. Maddie chose Animal Planet (naturally), Tay chose Fun Dip (approval by me because there will be extras), and Sid chose Tinkerbell (cute).
Simple, Easy, Fun.

Not as easy was making mailboxes for them to receive all of their Valentine's in. When I was a kid I remember doing this at school, apparently now it is the job of Mom's.

This is what we created.

Maddie told me she needed the BIGGEST shoe box because all the boys in her class love her and she needs LOTS of room.

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