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>> Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I cherish special alone time with my children. It doesn't come very often but when it does oh how lovely it is. I'm sure the girls feel the same way.

you get to listen to their every word and question
you give them ALL of your attention and answer ALL their questions
they get to make the decisions on where to go, where to sit, and what to watch
and most importantly no fighting with sisters!

Win win all around!

I cherish this even more because having multiples first you miss out on the one on one time parents of singletons have. When you have multiples your days and spent carrying for two, three, four infants at the same time; schedules and sticky notes of last feedings/diapers are what you are bonded to. You don't experience the full effect of the "first born syndrome."

Today I got some special time with Tay AND Sid (lucky me!). In the morning I took Tay to the doctor for a sinus infection and in the evening Sid had Pajama Storytime and Snack at school.

After Storytime Sid and I had to walk home since Daddy had dropped us off.
We had a fun walk in the dark.....Enjoy our silliness!

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