You're from Mars

>> Friday, April 16, 2010

I still feel like I'm running around like crazy. I probably feel that way because it is what I do each and every day!

Maddie started to go to Sylvan this month for extra help with her math.
She goes for an hour every Tuesday and Thursday, and we (as the other girls and I) drop her off right after school.
The girls always "NEED" a snack after school so I have to bring one in the car; breaking another of the many rules we have. Well, after many days of disappointing snacks I thought I would surprise them with some Raisinets. Little did I know they would surprise me!

Not a good snack on a 90 degree day!
I was not thrilled to say the least.

While Maddie is at Sylvan she gets tokens as a reward and gets to spend the tokens at the toy store. So far she has come home with a bag of marbles, a hand buzzer and now this alien guy in an egg full of goo!

She says he's from Mars, I think whoever buys these toys for the toy store is from Mars.

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