Garbage Police

>> Tuesday, May 11, 2010

me today...thinking about my hair growing

The Hub and I were hanging out at home today when...DING DONG! (the doorbell rings, for those of you who can't figure it out) Thankfully Andrew was here to answer it because I NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR. The lady said she was from the city and was basically the "garbage police". She was tipped off we had more garbage cans than we should and she was here to investigate. She interrogated Andrew about our garbage cans and how we got more than we were supposed to. She even asked to see inside our garage. So she confiscated our two extra cans and took pictures to bring back to headquarters.

So we are now a two can family again and we will dearly miss the short time we had with the others.

the new entertainment center. it slides open and has drawers and shelfs.
i love it! now i just need a coffee table for the family room.
little note you catch my new obsession...watching the history channel i'm such a nerd.

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