Idiotic Dog

>> Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some days when I have a funny post I think; when and if I will have another good story to tell?

Our lives are not the exciting.....well surprisingly I am mistaken.

got the kids ready for school
drop them off, come home, start some of the daily to dos

As I am cleaning up the twins room, my foot finds its way into a nice warm pile of puke.
random puke is not a rarity in our house so I clean it up (I as in Andrew) and move on

step in some more puke (becoming suspicious)

find more in the hallway (basically annoyed)
more puke throughout the day. I cage the culprit (Marley) and figure he will take the day off from food.

I go to pick up the girls from school and I get a call from Andrew
"Your dog puked again...I saved it...You owe me."

He said I can't figure out what it is, maybe you can.

Now I could be disgusting and post a picture for you, but I'll refrain.
Lying on the kitchen table Andrew has a collection of white chunks with a light blue tint on a paper plate. I can't figure out what they are either.
Andrew told me he saw a couple outside so we went out on a search.
Found them, and the other dog is trying to eat them!
I had to fight off my gag reflex and pick them up bare handed (BLAH).

I came in washed up with some antibacterial and ran out the door to my hair appointment I had to be to in 20 minutes!
Now it gets gross.
As I am driving I get a whiff of my hand. Why I put my hand up to my nose I don't remember but when I did I thought...sniff sniff sniff...what is that?
Why does my hand REEK of Dawn dish soap?!?!

We used a dish soap mixture to check for a gas leak on our grill line yesterday.
We sprayed it all over it.
The dog must of thought he found a treat. He ingested SO much soap he was making little soap bars in his tummy.

I hope this little bugger feels better soon. He ate my turkey burger Andrew had waiting for me, so he must be on the mend.

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