Date Night x10

>> Thursday, June 24, 2010

the boy and i went to the yankees dbacks game last night.  thought we could go, because we could, that's what do you when the kids are away.  we had a great time, but left early because i wasn't going to procrastinate any longer I had a test the next morning.

as we are getting closer to home, it was looking pretty dark. basically pitch black.  clearly the power was out and all we have is a garage door opener.

and i have to STUDY!!

the neighbors told us the power had already been out for almost two hours and was going to be awhile longer.  we called a locksmith to let us in, he had the door opened in under three minutes, simply amazing, as was the $100 bill.

nice night and nice lesson.  are the keys on our keychains you ask?.....nope!  maybe it will take another time to learn the lesson.

Hip Hip JORGE!!  Yankees Win!

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