countdown till school begins

>> Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i have tried everything to entertain the kids for the past few days and have so according to them...failed miserably.

we have.....
*had movie night
*went school shopping
*painted pottery
*spent all day at the pool
*went to their favorite restaurant
*went to the mall to pay a visit to the puppy store
*and other things i just can't think of right now

if they are not continually entertained they are bored, so i suppose it is a losing battle.  18 days till school starts and 7 days till chi-town, we will survive!

after the day at the pool yesterday i made the girls get in the bathtub when we got home....this was the mess i was left with after they were out.

(the pictures do no justice to the destruction)
there was an inch of water all around the tub
the floor and rug were soaked
and ariel was found floating in 2 inches of water and bubbles at the bottom on the tub
it even looked as if she was looking for help with her hand in the air
ugh..the kids were clean but the bathroom was a MESS!

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