oh those dogs!

>> Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Everyone is gone at school and work, you would think I'd have peace and quiet and then I hear it...

clangity, clang, clang....bark..bark..bark...boom..boom..boom.

I am reminded of those furry creatures we call our our pets.

When the kids are around they seem to fade into the background.  The kids play with them, take them outside and even lock them in their closets as prisoners so they can treat them like their babies.

But now that the kids are off at school, wherever I go there they are right at my heels, waiting to trip me.  Then they beg for every morsel of food I place in my mouth.  And worse they have nothing better to do than go in and out every 15 minutes. And when I let them outside you'd think they would be happy, NOPE!  They run around the house trying to find me and jump at the window of whatever room I'm in.

I let them in and yelled! ..then Marley went under the chair and gave me this puppy dog face and reminded me why I still love him even if he is annoying.


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