Queso Cookie Chip Sandwich

>> Tuesday, August 03, 2010

summer in winding down and we only have 13 days till the first day of school.

wow it went fast, for me anyway!  we have one more vacation planned...Chicago is the place and we will be there this weekend.

since we have gotten back we have done a whole lot of nothing.
       puppy store
          movies (cats & dogs the revenge of kitty galore) i'm still trying to figure out what went on in that movie and i'm still lost!

today we drove awhile to go to moes; one of the girls favorite restaurants.  Syd made herself a chip/cookie/queso sandwich.

the recipe goes something like this
2 tortilla chips
1 large chocolate chunk cookie
2 Tbs of queso

take your chocolate chunk cookie smear the queso on both sides. stick one chip on each side of the cookie. ENJOY!

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