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>> Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday night I must have had little blueberries dancing around in my head because Saturday morning I woke up and was insistent on making some blueberry muffins.
They sounded delicious.

I had two very eager helpers!


I told Syd to stir nice and hard and get all of the lumps out.
She said, " I can't stir that well, I'm only SIX years old!"


We bought the BEST game ever!!
It's called Hedbanz...you put the card on your head, ask questions, and try to guess what you are with all of the clues.
So much fun- we were all having a great time!

The girls were playing alone and Taylor put a new card on her head.
She began to ask her questions...
Tay - Am I an animal?  Syd - Yes
Tay - Do I have four legs?  Syd - Yes
Tay - Do I swim?  Syd - No
liars never prosper I tell her....but she is insistent on winning and will do anything to win

Finally a Halloween Carnival at the high school!
Maddie - The Dead Cheerleader
Taylor - The Gyspy
Syd - The Cowgirl (just a temporary costume as we haven't gotten hers yet)

They got their faces painted, played games, went on a train ride and so much more!
Then all three girls spent the night at their friends house and gave Mommy and Daddy the night off.  It was also Maddie's FIRST sleepover and she did great!

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