If Bad Things Come In Threes......I'm Doomed

>> Friday, December 10, 2010

#1  The dog ran away....we didn't even know till he came wandering back.

Here's the story...
     Thursday is garbage day, so I had to take it out, who else would?  We had so much to throw out I needed to get the extra dumpster from the side of the house.  I opened the gate, took it to the road, and proceeded to fill it up with all of the trash.  At the same time Andrew came home from the gym, I finished up with the trash, and we went inside.  Did you hear close the gate?  Nope.  That's because I didn't.
     When the kids came home from school I told them to let the dogs outside, have a quick snack, and get ready to go outside to ride bikes.  I decided we would let the dogs stay outside while we were riding bikes since it was such a nice day.  Andrew took the kids out and I met them outside 10 minutes later.  At that time he told me I had left the gate open, and lucky for us he closed it, so we thought.
   The kids continued to ride their bikes and after about 30 minutes Madison jumps off of her bike and screams "MARLEY!" and takes off running down the road screaming and crying.  Well there he was, out wandering the neighborhood for at least 45 minutes and we didn't even know.  Lucky for us he came wandering back home and the minute he saw me he ran right back inside where he belongs.

Here's Trouble

#2  I left my wallet in the shopping cart at the grocery store, and didn't notice till I was home

   Quick story....I ran to the store for Diet Coke, I was out and can't live without it.  I grabbed a few other things and checked out at the dumb self-check out.  Why?  Not because they are convenient, they are actually VERY slow and annoying.  But since stores have them they figure they don't need human cashiers anymore.  After I paid I threw my wallet on the seat of the cart and stormed out to the car because I was fed up with the fake cashier asking at me if I was going to put each and every item into the bag.  I quickly put the stuff in the trunk and sped home, we had pizza coming.  As soon as I pulled in the driveway I remember MY WALLET.  Lucky for me AGAIN it was there waiting for me when I got there.

So here's the issue...things come in threes, I'm thinking next time I'm not going to be as lucky.  I might just stay in bed all tomorrow.

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