Greek Gods

>> Friday, April 08, 2011

For the twins second grade project they were assigned a Greek God and had to create a costume, make a poster, write a speech and memorize it for a presentation in front of the parents.

WHAT A JOB!...but we did it.

Madison was Amphritrite Goddess of the Sea
Taylor was Iris Goddess of the Rainbow

They looked wonderful and recited their lines perfectly, I'm quite the proud Mama.

The night before the presentation Taylor was looking over the grading rubric and saw she needed to have an olive wreath on her head in order to get full points.  Off we darted to Joann's to get the materials to create one with minutes to spare.  The next day at the presentation I see Taylor on stage lacking an olive wreath.

She said it bothered her.
  Another 30 minutes of my life and $15 down the drain.

 The night before the big day (with the olive wreath on the head)


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