Happy 7th Birthday Sydney!

>> Monday, August 22, 2011

My baby is seven years old, the time does go fast!
We had a very fun filled packed day of birthday celebration.  Here is the recap!

The balloon fairy made her annual stop filling our living room with LOADS of balloons.  She also hung seven balloons filled with a dollar each in Syd's doorway.  (score one for the balloon fairy)

Since we were up so early to see all the balloons, we had plenty of time to open presents before school started.  Sydney is now well equipped with plenty of Victorious gear, Squinkies, crafts and money for more shopping.

The birthday girl insisted on wearing her "wedding dress" to school today.  She looked beautiful when I brought birthday snacks into her class and everyone sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

As soon as school was out Sydney was in charge. (what else is new) She got to pick our afternoon of entertainment and where were we going to eat dinner.
She chose Dave and Busters!!
Along with Mom and Dad giving the princess whatever she desired, the workers also spoiled her rotten giving her free games, prizes and food!


We finally made it home to have Sydney's delicious ice cream cake she had picked out.

Hope your birthday was everything you wished for!

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