The Week of Syd

>> Friday, August 26, 2011

Sydney is definitely making great use of her "birthweek" celebration.

She woke up this morning with a rash on the back of her legs which has only gotten worse as the week has gone on.

I decided to have her stay home and that was when the Friday Fun Day began.  This is all we did.

  1. Went to her favorite doctor, the dermatologist.
  2. Since we were close by Daddy's work we had to stop in for a visit.  Here is where she attempted to make ridiculous demands.  (ie a cell phone, to go over to Subway next door and get a Fanta, for Mommy and Daddy to switch cars)
  3. Next she had me bring her to Taco Bell / Pizza Hut for lunch.  Here she ordered a healthy lunch consisting of nachos, pizza and a Mt Dew.  She downed the Mt Dew, licked the nacho cheese cup clean, ate all the chips and threw out the pizza.
  4. Then I was told we must go to Justice to get her new jean shorts, since she has out grown hers.  I suggested Old Navy instead. She clearly stated she doesn't like the store and will not get anything there. (fun)
  5. Since I made her get Old Navy clothes, we next had to go next door to Bath and Body Works so she can spend some of her birthday money burning a hole in her pocket.
  6. Finally to the grocery store where ice cream, waffles and chocolate milk magically ended up in the cart.
On top of all of this fun I can not understand a word she says since she is now missing all of her front teeth.  One of the best misunderstandings of the day....

What I think Sydney says..."I need to take shower when I get home."
Me..."You need a shower?.....Ok I guess if you want one."
Sydney "NOOOOO MOM   I owe you six dollars when I get home."

My Spunky Monkey!

I love my little firecracker to pieces.  Her spunkiness and attitude is something I like to see as I was a very shy kid, BUT I did sneak in an hour nap after I picked the twins up from school.

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