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>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

We went to visit the girls new school on Friday and had a GREAT time, I think we are all looking forward to the new school.

First we went to Sid's room and met her teacher. Sid is extra excited to start Kindergarten even though she didn't say a word. We found her desk and she sat in it and tried it out; it fit her bottom perfectly! Sid's teacher was very nice and said she was very excited to have a Sid in her class because she loves the name. On Monday I get to go with Sid to school, hopefully this is not a curse for day two when she has to go all by herself!

Next we went to see Tay's teacher and we were surprised to hear she was from Northbrook, Illinois! Tay found her seat and found a goody bag on her desk with a lollipop and Hersey's Kiss inside. Now this may be a wonderful thing for an only child BUT when you have three this causes an utter meltdown! Sid and Maddy started crying and screaming for a lollipop; Sid marched herself up to Tay's teacher and asked for one herself. Now you would think this would make her happy, OH NO OF COURSE NOT! She was not satisfied with the flavor she got and only began to cry more! She finally caved in ate the lollipop she was given, then asked Andrew if she could go see her classroom again. Come to find out the only reason she wanted to go back was to get ANOTHER sticker!

Finally we went to Maddy's classroom to meet her teacher. Maddy was her self acting very shy and not saying a word. Maddy's teacher was very nice and again another perfect fit for Madison. She told Maddy she would make her smile on Monday because she was barely cracking a smile there.

Today we finished up all of the school shopping and renamed Maddy; Maddy McFusserson, if you know Maddy you know why!

Until next time....enjoy some of our pictures from swimming this evening and look at Sid's new bangs..YAY!
Tay's Cannonball

Sid's Bangs!!

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