Vacation is OVER!

>> Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well it has been FOREVER since I have posted AND FOREVER since life has been normal around here. I went to Chicago what seems like a lifetime ago (18 days) and my mom came back with me to Arizona for the kids birthdays and well just to hang out. It's been a wonderful visit and I'm already looking forward to her next visit! :)

School has been going great for the girls the absoultly love it. Maddy loves her teacher, because she never yells. Tay was star of the week last week and enjoyed teaching her class about herself and even getting to read to them in the rocking chair. I signed up to teach a Art Masterpiece program in Sid's class and she thinks it's so awesome that mom is teaching in her class!

Along with my mom Andrew's aunt, brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came out the the girls' birthdays, so we had a FULL house! It was tons of fun to have everyone here and the out of towners were terrified of the scorpions, and they found a few. Thankfully everyone made it out without any stings.

Anyway, the girls had wonderful birthdays and it is so hard to believe they are seven and five years old, they sure do grow up fast!

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