Doctor visits, shots, and house hunting...or the other way around

>> Monday, September 14, 2009

We are back to the house hunting thing here in Arizona and let me tell you it isn't a fun process. Since the market in Arizona is so bad it makes the most sense for us to go for a short sale / foreclosure yet these do not come without headaches!! We put in an offer this weekend which was not chosen, and just put in another offer on a new one! Aye, more waiting and let me let you know I'm not a patient person. I just would like us to be settled somewhere and not living with half of our stuff unpacked.

Also some more exciting news is that we just might... QUITE POSSIBLY .... be getting an offer on our house in Dallas! I sure hope so to have another weight off of our shoulders would be fantastic!

The twins had their seven year old checkups today and we were told we have healthy little girls! Maddy is in the 77% for height and Tay was in the 50%. We're still not sure where Maddy has all of this height from but I suppose the bigger question is still where Sid got the red hair?! Other than that same old things going on around here, another half day of school tomorrow so I'm sure I will have some fun things to post!! Until then here are some recent pictures. ENJOY!

Sid with her "sleeping puppy" toy from Aunt "J"

Oh Yeah!...I went blonde! I still want to add more honey colored highlights but I think I like it!?

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