Do you like a little spit with your popcorn?

>> Friday, September 25, 2009

We all went to go see Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs in 3-D this evening. It got a 2 out of 3 approval from our family as Sid was "bored". Yet she only became bored after the popcorn was gone so it may be a biased opinion. I really don't think she pays attention to any movie we see, all she cares about is the refreshments. As she was getting to the bottom of the popcorn, which I should let you know we were sharing, she taps on my shoulder and says...

"When I get a popcorn seed in my mouth, I just spit it back into the bag."

She then finished the popcorn herself....

Maddy presented her rock project at school today and got a 100%, I'm so happy our hard work payed off. She also got a 100% on her spelling test, which is very big news at our house. This week was extra hard as there was one specific word that was giving her a hard time. The word is dot...D-O-T, seems easy right. Wrong for a 1st grader this is a tricky word because of the confusion of the letters b and d. Last night we were working and working at it, and she still kept mixing them up. I even offered her a little suggestion that she has a "d" in her name and to check the "d" on dot with the "d" on Maddy. Still didn't help, I finally came up with the perfect solution.

I will take you to the puppy store this weekend if you get a 100% on your spelling test.

Worked like a charm, puppy store here we come!

Can't wait to finish Tay's pet rock castle this weekend as it's due on Tuesday. Hopefully I won't get anymore injuries my fingers look pretty beat up.

Are they related?

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