Mom, it's nice to see you. You can leave now!

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

I went into the girls school today specifically to help Sid's class take school pictures. My job was to line up the kids from tallest to shortest, you could have guessed it Sid was the caboose! And what a cute caboose she made.

I stayed to eat lunch with Sid and when we walked into the lunchroom Maddy was already in there eating. She was so excited to see me because she has been asking and asking if I could come eat lunch with her. I split my time between both Sid and Maddy and the many kids asking me to open things in their lunches. By the time both of them had left to go to recess Tay was there eating and I was excited to just sit down with her and enjoy seeing her with her friends and listen to what they talk about. So after about five minutes of what I though was a good time she turns to me and says......

Well Mom, I think you should leave and get something to eat because I'm sure you're hungry.

So I left with my heart broken that I already embarrass my daughter and she needs to be left alone with her friends. Oh they grow up too fast! :(

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