Me and My Pet Rock

>> Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The twins have gotten their first project of the year and it has to do with them learning about rocks in class. They have to find a rock, write about the rock, and make a home for their new pet rock. Last night we went on a rock hunting adventure on the empty lots in the community, and we thought that was a job little did we know the easy part of the project was over.

Since moving into the rental and knowing we have to move again we saved most of our boxes for ANOTHER move. Anyway, the girls decided that they wanted to build a house and a castle out of one of these boxes. Being the Mom that can never say no I was up to the challenge, so Maddy and I have built a house for her pet rock Maggie. During the construction of this house I have torn our house apart, badly burnt two of my fingers from using a hot glue gun, and surprisingly didn't amputate a finger while using the box cutter. Thankfully Tay's princess castle construction went much smoother. I'm just not sure how thrilled her teacher will be when we bring in a princess castle that is almost as tall as her. Oh well, it's good to be an overachiever right?

I'll post pictures in the morning of Maddy's rock house. Tay's isn't due until Tuesday so we are taking a much needed break before we put the finishing touches on it.

Picture day tomorrow so we're off to bed to get a good nights rest and up early in the morning to make ourselves beautiful. (not that it's much work) :)

All pretty for picture day

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