A-S-U!! A-S-U!! Go Devils!

>> Sunday, September 20, 2009

We went to our first ASU football game as a family last night, I think the majority of us had a good time. We taught the girls how to do the pitchfork and they were excited to show it off to everyone.

Our Future Sun Devils

Sid had the best time, she was so interested in what was going on with the game. She kept asking us what the score was, how the team scores, dancing, and cheering. One man behind us was buying some peanuts and drinks from one of the vendors and Sid turned around and asked him for some money. Oh our little Sid-Bid!

We're so proud :)

Today is Sunday yet again which means......
Andrew + Football = I am a single mother
Not sure what our plan is for today. The kids really want to go see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs but going to the movies with three girls by yourself can mean you miss at least 1/3rd of the movie. Maddy said she wants to go to the puppy store, PetCo, or Petsmart of course. This is what she asks us to do EVERY weekend, she loves dogs and would have 10+ if we let her!

Enjoy the rest of our pictures from the game, we're so happy to be season ticket holders! Go Devils!

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