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>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The wish list is going well we've already accomplished a few....

First, Tay's rock project castle got completed with no injuries. I forgot to take pictures of it because I had to help in her classroom today, so I'll take them when we get it back home. Since I did help in her class I brought her castle in myself and it sure did get a response. The whole class gave woos and ahhs over it. I guess we did a pretty awesome job!

Secondly we found out one of the houses we put an offer in on earlier in the month has been submitted. (Very awesome) Now this doesn't mean they will take our offer or that we will hear quickly. It's a long waiting game but here's a picture of the home.

Third, the inspection on the Dallas house was a success. They did include some ridiculous things BUT on the bright side at least nothing is wrong with the home.

We also celebrated part of Andrew's birthday today by having his cake a few days early...Yum Yum!

Andrew won fantasy football this week...YAY!! Now he is 1-2 and the Flavor Savers are looking up.

And now the most exciting news of the day is.....


If you know Sid, you know what a HUGE deal this is and we are so proud of her. She sure is getting big!

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