It's October 1st and we're ready for Halloween!!

>> Thursday, October 01, 2009

To start here are the pictures of Tay's rock house which I didn't post the other day. You may see why it got such woo and ahhs when I brought in into class. One kid even asked if she had a boulder to put in there!

Tay and her pet rock Danielle and Danielle's castle

It's as big as her!!

The girls and I all went Halloween shopping this afternoon after school and we all got cute costumes! At first they wanted to go to the Disney Store but I suggested we start out at the Halloween store. I am really tired of them being princesses year in and year out and was hoping for something new. So in the end Maddy picked out "Purrdy Kitty" Tay got "Blue Fairy" and Sid got "Lil' Buccaneer" but she calls it little Shiphead. Maddy absolutely LOVES hers and had to put it on first thing!

Do you love the pose?
The costume doesn't look as risque in person! :)


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