Minivan....Yay or Nay!?

>> Friday, November 13, 2009

Seven years two months and four days after having becoming a mom I have succumb to the pressure of my children and have gotten a minivan. I always said I will never drive a minivan, but it does seem like the most logical car at this time. Everyone says I will LOVE it so we'll see. I'll give you the update in a few weeks! As for the car we got a black Volkswagen Routon. I think it is the best looking in the minivan category, it has the least minivan look. Can you tell I'm still not convinced?!?
Obviously this is not our minivan but this is what it looks like, except black. Welcome to the family!

Sid is the "Spark of the Week" in her class this coming week. She has been looking forward to this time since the beginning of the year. She got to take the class mascot "Sparky" home. She gets to take him EVERYWHERE this weekend and take pictures of the things she does. She also gets to put something in the "Mystery Box", put an certain number of items in the estimation jar, bring in her favorite book, and most importantly bring in a VIP. The VIP is a Very Important Person in your family that helps the community, so Sid is bringing in her Grandpa since he will be in town!

Sparky took his first trip with us to the grocery store!

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