Missing Sound and Missing Teeth!

>> Friday, November 20, 2009

I have had the minivan for 4 days now and I have to say the best things about it are

the sentence "DON'T THROW THE CAR DOORS OPEN!!" is never uttered

The girls use headphones while watching the TV.
(Thank god because I was getting sick of listening to Baby Bratz)

I have a trunk again


It's like a traveling dining room with, at last count, thirteen cupholders!!

So thank you to everyone who convinced me a minivan would be okay, and I wouldn't miss my Lexus too much.

In Maddie's class this week she had a Thanksgiving play and it was too cute, especially her! The class recited poems, sang songs, and gave a history of Thanksgiving. I brought my newly fixed camera with to take pictures and record her lines to share with everyone. Unfortunately when I sent my camera in to get fixed they reset all factory settings. One of these settings is the microphone being set to off. So I won't be posting any videos unless someone says they can read lips!

Maddie was a Pilgrim in the play

Maddie's First Grade Class

Maddie and Tay finally had their trip to the orthodontist and all went as expected except for one surprising thing. Maddie is missing two permanent teeth!! Totally changes plans with her but as the orthodontist said, luckily we figured this our now. This is a hereditary thing, hmm wonder where it comes from?!?!

Maddie wanted to wear my hat to school

They started building our house on Monday. This is our lot all torn apart

Andrew only likes to clean up dog poop about once every 6 weeks so he invested in a shopvac to get the job done. I had to take a picture of him!!

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