Maddie Reckless

>> Sunday, November 22, 2009

Andrew's dad was in town this weekend, it was nice spending time with him as we haven't seen him in awhile. On Friday he visited Sid's class as her Community Helper VIP. He told her class where he works and what he does. She was SUPER excited to have him there. And because it is a three day week of school Sid's "SPARK OF THE WEEK" honor has carried over to this week!! She must be super sparky! :)

On Saturday we celebrated Grandpa's birthday with a dinner out and cake and presents when we got home. Sid kept referring to him as "Birthday Boy" for the remainder of the night.

Tay and Grandpa

Opening cards from the girls

Everyone looking at Grandpa's present
Everyones favorite CAKE TIME!!

On the way home from dinner Maddie gave us a good's how it went....

Maddie - "I think I'm going to have ten kids when I grow up. I guess if Meier (her boyfriend) does."

Grandpa - "What's Meier's last name?"

Maddie - "Reckless"

Grandpa - "Then I guess you're having ten kids."

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