Our Thanksgiving Weekend

>> Tuesday, December 01, 2009

WOW have we had a busy holiday weekend. We had a wonderful little Thanksgiving with just us. I cooked EVERYTHING and Andrew did all the dishes. Andrew was at the top of my what I'm thankful for list. Here's some pictures from our little celebration.

Olives on the fingers!!

Definitely a family tradition!

My turkey survived the oven! Very proud of myself

The day after Thanksgiving basically consisted of shopping, eating leftovers, and going to the Jeff Dunham show; or as the girls call it the puppet show. I had got front row tickets for Andrew's birthday. We were close enjoy to be spit on, if he talked with his mouth open.

Saturday, Andrew and I went to the last ASU game of the season and sadly we lost. But hopefully it will be better next year, it definitely can't get any worse, can it? AND FINALLY on Sunday we went to the auto show! The girls had a good time sitting in different cars and picking out the ones they wanted when they get to be sixteen. (unfortunately these were mostly the convertibles) That was our holiday weekend, hope yours was a busy and exciting as ours. Enjoy some more pictures from the rest of the holiday!

The girls really liked this supped up golf cart thingy

Sid and Maddie in their Corvette

Climbing on the scorpion in downtown Phoenix

Flowers the girls picked for me on Thanksgiving. They are so sweet!

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