Let it Soap, Let it Soap, Let it Soap

>> Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Crazy month! I don't know how we survive but I suppose it's the holiday spirit that keeps us moving. Hanukkah shopping is done wrapped and ready to go! The girls are ready for Friday night to come. They have picked out which present they are opening first and I hope they will not be disappointed. We bought them new carseats because their current ones are quite worn; and they are embarrassed of them when their friends see them at school. As of right now Sid thinks hers is a dollhouse and Maddie thinks hers is a big mechanical puppy. I have to have the camera ready when they rip the wrapping paper off.

When I went shopping the other day their was an advertisement at the mall saying something to this effect....

Every night at 7pm it snows by the fountain for 10 minutes.
Out of thin air, flakes of fluffy white snow will float down from the sky. Just as mysteriously as the snow appears - it disappears without a trace; leaving behind magical holiday memories that last a lifetime.

Sound spectacular doesn't it?!? Especially when you live in Arizona and not in the mountains where it snows. We were sold and brought the kids tonight to see the snow and maybe play in it. Well it looked like snow. On the other hand it didn't taste like snow or smell like snow. It tasted like you were seven years old and just swore at your parents and it smelt like someone was doing the dishes; it was soap. And to top it off the "snow" made you cough terribly when you inhaled it. So we got some cute pictures of the soap that looks like snow and got a piece of chocolate at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory instead.

Have you seen this "the ELF on the SHELF"? It is the most adorable thing and makes the children behave so well! The little elf is cute and the book is even cuter. The story is this little elf watches you and flies back to Santa when you go to bed to report. When you wake up in the morning he is in a new hiding spot and it is a game to find him. He is not allowed to talk to you but you are encouraged to talk to him. The only other rule is NEVER TOUCH THE ELF! If you do, he loses his magic and is not able to fly to Santa anymore. The girls named ours Eric the Elf and oh how I LOVE Eric!

Tay gets four teeth pulled tomorrow and Maddie gets four pulled on Friday! WISH US LUCK!

The Crazy Parents!

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