Grammy's Here!

>> Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grammy made it in town this afternoon and we are happy giddy girls.

No cute pictures of the girls running to her as she was coming off the plane. Taking them in and schlepping them through the airport sounded much to tiring to me.
..................So we picked her up curbside.

I "think" the girls enjoyed it just as much...they all jumped out of their car seats and smothered her in hugs and kisses immediately and Sid talked her ear off the whole way home.

Other news of the day....Tay continues to get under my skin and she's gotten to be a pro. Today's (worse) doing was walking through the big puddle (aka: a lake) after we told her not to. Her excuse...she thought it was grass!
Do you ever get grass and water confused?....I know I don't

At times like this I wonder what would be my frustrations if I didn't have any children. That makes me realize I'd rather deal with my children being children rather than have none at all. They are the loves of my lives, behind my husband, and my life would be oh so boring and less rewarding without them, their drama, and most importantly love!

How can you stay angry at those sweet faces?

Me and My Girls

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