I'm Annoyed...and that's my story

>> Friday, January 22, 2010

Around 12:30 the phone rings at the house and what do you know it starts with 449.

Know what that means?

Dum-Dum-Dum.....it's school!

I answer and the nurse at school proceeds to tell me Tay has yet again come in with a stomach ache. Now Tay at the nurses office isn't something to worry about, this has to be around the 15th time this year she has fallen ill with a tummy ache a school.

But this time was different because the nurse told me she seems to be getting a fever.

I sent Andrew on his way to pick up the "possibly sick" child from school, and hope and pray she's not coming down with the dreaded stomach flu again.

As they walk through the door Andrew has "the look" on his face. You know the look where we got fooled by our daughter and what do we do now.
According to him as soon as her feet walked out of school she proceeded to run around in the parking lot pretending to be blow away by the wind. I took her temperature; 98.7 so much for the fever the nurse said she was getting. Does she know how to fake that too?!

We're stumped. We don't know what to do.
We don't know if this tummy ache is caused by nervousness, her allergies, or is just a game.

One thing I do know about this tummy ache nonsense is that it is DARN ANNOYING!
Thinking about trying kids yoga because my best guess is it is nerves.

Anyway on to other annoying issues of the past two days. Rain: it has rained like we live in Seattle here for the past week. Our problems from the rain have been...

1. flooded courtyard

2. unplugged the drain in courtyard; the gallons of water drained to the front yard and ruined it

3. leaky roof in the closet, right on top of my clothes

4. tree down in the front yard

I hate rain. Enough said, and you can't change my mind

Oh my am I ready for a vacation!

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