Happy New Year

>> Friday, January 01, 2010

~ Happy New Year ~

Another year is upon us, not to mention another decade. At the end of this decade I will have two 17 year olds and a 15 year old. If these 10 years go as fast as the last I must cherish every minute. My resolution is spending more time with my children, enjoying every laugh, giggle, and mistake and being a better mommy and wife to my beautiful little family.

Every moment may not turn out the way we expect but as long as you have love it will always be perfect.

Enjoy a review of 2009 in photos!
in no particular order

My wonderful husband and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in Chicago and Hawaii

Went to Florida to celebrate Papa's 50th birthday!

Spent the summer in Florida with family

My baby started Kindergarten

Moved back to Arizona and introduced the girls to our college
Arizona State! GO DEVILS!

The Puggle "Marley"
I fell in love and adopted a 2nd dog; one of the many things I told myself I wouldn't do

The twins lost between 6-8 teeth each. Being toothless never looked so cute!

Spent 4th of July week in Connecticut with family

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