#2 Post Nasal Drip

>> Friday, February 26, 2010

*this picture has nothing to do with the post....i figured i'd show our nice weather since everyone else is having crappy weather*

Tay absolutely LOVED soccer practice yesterday. No pictures I forgot to give the camera for Daddy to take.
She learned the rules of soccer and even scored a goal! YAY! I can't wait to see her and the rest of the girls play next week.

At this very moment Sid has a terrible post nasal drip. On most annoying ailments this ranks at number two....number one being a tummy ache. **I HATE TUMMY ACHES**

Want to know why?!? Well I'll tell you because there is really no way to confirm or deny your child really truly does have a tummy ache. You can check if they have a fever, if they have an ear infection, sore throat, something in their eye, a bruise...are you getting my point? Kids even know we don't know and pull it over on parents, school nurses, teachers etc to get out of things because there is no way to check! Some person needs to come up with a way to check, kinda like a car diagnostic test. Green light good...Red light tummy ache! Brilliant!

Anyway back to the drip; she consistently coughs during the night keeping everyone in the house up. Yet I have to remember she's got it the worse because she is the one coughing AND being kept up.

Andrew and I have a date at the Phoenix Open tomorrow!! We haven't been since I was pregnant with the twins, I'm hoping it will be less tiring this time around, that is if I'm able to sleep through all of the coughing tonight.

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