Closing Day!

>> Friday, March 05, 2010

Today was the big close day which means....we didn't close! Isn't that the way it always goes? We didn't close because someone made a stupid mistake with submitting one stinkin' paper! It made me angry and when I'm angry I clean.

What do you do when you're angry?

and I just don't mean any cleaning, it's the intense kind. Today the room of choice was the garage. I started unpacking boxes, throwing stuff away (I love throwing stuff away it's so liberating), and making piles. I then decided I wasn't cooking dinner because I was still mad and didn't want to (it was something I could control). I thought bringing the kids to Dave & Busters sounded better. I needed to get my mind off of the stupid house anyways.

Well it worked for the time being and now my mind is back on the house. I really hope we close on Monday or this house will be spotless in no time!

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