A day with Sid

>> Monday, April 12, 2010

Sid and I spent the day together.

First on the list was a trip to the dermatologist. When we walked in to the office she noticed they didn't have any toys. She said, that's okay I'll just have to play with your phone. Thankfully my phone kept her happy and she waited patiently, for over an hour. When the doctor finally came in the room Sid she asked her if she had any coloring pages for her, she didn't.

The doctor gave her the next best thing, a permanent marker and a paper off of her chart.

"The Picture she drew"

When we left she asked...."Do you at least have lollipops?"

She finally got the answer she was looking for.....YES! She left a happy camper!

Next was a trip to the mall for some lunch. Sid decided on pizza and in the middle of eating she tells me....."If you buy me ice cream I won't tell my sisters"

So we got ice cream, and the twins still don't know!

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