Where Did I Go Right?

>> Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I have news to share with the world!!

Sometime in January maybe February Sid came home with a little pot with a seed inside. She told me we are supposed to water it, give it sun and love and it will grow.
Now, for anyone who knows me should know my chances of growing things (other than children) are slim to none. But I took the challenge anyway.

We watered it; probably more than we were supposed to, gave it some sun; I think and even put worm in the pot Taylor brought home from school. She informed me it makes way for the roots. Where the worm is now, I'm not sure.

After months of watering, sun and love I wasn't sure if the plant was alive or dead. I continued to follow the rules and then we left on vacation to California. When we left the plant's well being did not even cross my mind.

But we got home we saw the most awesome surprise.
IT GREW IT GREW! and more importantly Mommy didn't kill it.

I have continued to care for this plant and have recently transfered "him" to a bigger pot because he got so BIG.
Here are pictures of my/our success. I feel like "he" is my fourth child, I am so proud!

P.S. I'm not sure what I'm growing

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