>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

On one of the twins homework pages this week it asked them to write something you admire about someone.
It's funny how we may think our kids know what we are talking about all the time, but they don't.
I had to explain what admire means and I told them what I admired about them.

Sid I admire your confidence. You walk with your head held high knowing you are the best. No one will push you around or tell you otherwise.

Tay I admire how helpful and caring you are. From the moment you could walk you've been mommy's helper. I admire how mature you are but also know when to just be a kid and have fun!


Maddy I admire the dreams you have for yourself. You want to be a singer and dancer and do it all. You will always be my little superstar and I admire your talent.

Each of you are my everything, I will love you forever and always.
Love Mommy

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