Mother's Day Celebration Day Two

>> Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Maddie greeted Tay and I at the door with a flower and escorted me inside to her seat.

The performance?
Too cute for words!
First the teacher and kids read the story Love You Forever.
I'm sure every mom was crying! I'm sure no one could get through that book without a tear or two or 25 (like me). No wonder we don't own it.

Next they recited poems and sang songs.

left on her desk for me.

I LOVE that my mother is 27 years old
I LOVE her weight. She weighs 10 pounds (Won the weight contest in class)
I LOVE her green eyes
I LOVE her to cook mac and cheese
I LOVE it when she helps me with me
I LOVE her but she really looks funny when she does a handstand.
I LOVE seeing her wear a dress
I LOVE her anyway, but my mother really can't sing
I mostly LOVE my Mom because she loves me
I LOVE her to read Howl at Night to me. (I don't know that book)

Mother's Day Presents like this are the best.

I love my kids and I love being their mommy!

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