>> Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I'm so incredibly tired and cranky...ask my husband.

Today was a half day at school and having the kids most of the didn't help with my attitude.

#1. I went to Tay's dress rehearsal Mother's Day Celebration.
Tay's and Mad's were both scheduled at the same time tomorrow.
So we had to concoct a master plan to make sure no one was left out.

So the plan went like this....
I would go to Tay's dress rehearsal today to see her sing
Tomorrow I will grab Tay from her class bring her into Mad's
Together we will watch the performance in Mad's room
Then we will ALL run back to Tay's class get the gifts she gave me and have some treats
end in Mad's class with her gifts and treats.

Oh the drama!

#2 We went earring shopping

Not an easy task. Think big gaudy hot pink hoops.
To say the least we're not on the same page for acceptable earrings for kindergartners and first graders.

#3 The door

When the kids are outside playing the door open and closes 100 times an hour.
In out In out out in out in.

I'm thristy...I have to pee...I need to put in my earrings....Can we have Oreo's...The dog wants out....the dog wants in....I need my hat....I found an egg....the plant needs water.....she's being mean to me....did you know hummingbirds fly backwards....you get the idea.

I forgot to mention every time the door open and closes the security systems goes DING DONG!
It's like the doorbell is constantly being rung.

So that's it I'm cranky, leave me be!

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