Picture Post....Pictures from my phone that is

>> Saturday, May 01, 2010

I am missing my camera terribly. I take "him" everywhere and love to take pictures of everything, especially the daily activities with the girls. Since I left "him" in Connecticut and won't have "him" back till Friday, my phone has been the replacement. It is not as good, has crappy quality pictures and if the lighting isn't perfect then no picture. Here are some of the "crappy" pictures from my phone from the past week.

The twins are learning about inventors at school. They had to come up with an invention, and this was Tay's.
Entertainment factors for me include

#1 The Name "Super Duper Stick"
#2 The Picture
#3 "Because I Never Get What I Want"

Sid; The THREE EYED ALIEN! Be afraid....very afraid!

Marley at the vet.
He sits on the bench with his floppy ears perked up to hear every noise. He loves seeing the other dogs, but mostly the people. He is always the hit of the vet, but we were quarantined on this visit because of dreaded kennel cough. So we got to listen to all the excitement from our small corner closet. Poor us!

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