Syd's Class Party

>> Monday, May 24, 2010

Andrew went to Cali for the know what I did?

I'll give you a hint..have a quiet afternoon of Mommy time. Spent all day at school with Syd!
She had her last class party today, and I helped 26 kindergartners make these tote bags with fabric paint.
messy?....yes    fun?....yes

this is Syddy's finished product

We then took the class to the community park for a special little field trip.
The kids had a blast..only two injuries and one vomiting; not bad out of 26

It was a good time, maybe even more fun than the time I would have spent alone.
Syd is hiding in the black hat on the right

I'm so thankful she had such a wonderful teacher and kindergarten year.  She graduates to be a "big" first grader on Thursday!  The baby in first grade, where did the time go?!

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