Zagat Guide to Public Restrooms

>> Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do your kids adore the public bathroom scene as much as mine do?..

My children LOVE to use the bathrooms in

  • restaurants
  • grocery stores
  • malls
  • airplanes
  • movie theaters
  • basically anything but their own at home
They will hold it and hold it till the last minute at home, but as soon as we can smell the disgusting germ ridden bathroom in a public place, they immediately have to use it.  Not once or even twice; we're usually spending more of our time in there than the place we came to.

I have decided parents should take notes and we could profit off of a bathroom review guide since we spend so much time in them anyways.  Paying special notice to

  • automatic or not (when my kids were young we developed a way to stop the autoflush)
  • what color soap and if it is foamy or slimy (very important to my kids)
  • hand dryers or paper towels (both equal playtime for young children)
  • how large the stalls are and if they can hold mommy plus 2,3,4 children; because god forbid they go in a stall alone
  • whether the spaces under are large enough to crawl under (why my kids do this is beyond me)
    • tay recently informed me she has learned to crawl under the stalls without touching the floor, how about still a bad idea
  • if they offer handicapped stalls or not (the bars are a great place to practice ballet moves)
  • and any other important playtime activities the kids like to do in the bathroom.
That's all for now....see you in the bathroom!

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