100th Day of School

>> Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Today was the day, the 100th day of school!  This is exciting for all because it means, you're over half way through the school year AND you get to have a big FAT party!

Sydney came home from school yesterday and insisted we get Chex Mix for her party.  2 bags would be plenty she told us.  Of course I listened to what I was told and sent Andrew out around 7pm to make the Chex Mix run.

Looks like they had a lot of fun and most importantly.....

These are the 100th day "surprises" I found in their folders.

I would like 100 songs on my Ipod
I would like 100 cakes
I would like 100 birthdays
I would NOT like 100 posters
I could eat 100 cookies
I could eat 100 cakes
I could eat 100 cupcakes
I could NOT eat 100 people.
I could carry 100 Barbies
I could carry 100 blocks
I could carry 100 baby dogs
I could NOT carry 100 people
I wish I had 100 magic tricks
I wish I had 100 dogs
I wish I had 100 cakes
I would NEVER want 100 fish
Looks like someone had cake on the brain

Taylor's "When I am 100"
I love everything from the picture to the writing.

Madison's "When I am 100"
When I am 100 I will shop and buy animals.  Sometimes I will go on lots of trips and I won't eat a lot of butter so I stay alive.  I will sleep in all the time.

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