What's the worst way to be woken up?

>> Sunday, May 29, 2011

I experienced one of mine this morning.  Saturday morning the perfect day to sleep in, no rush to get up.

Unless others have a different idea for my morning.

As I was laying all snug in my bed I felt it...cold air, very cold air.
I'M FREEZING.  How is this possible?

I'm dressed in a t-shirt, yoga pants and wrapped up in a blanket.  I figure I must have a fever, but I feel fine.

I finally get the energy and pull myself out of bed to look at the thermostat.

55 DEGREES!!!!

Come to find out the girls were playing truth or dare and Sydney dared Madison to turn down the A/C.  I'm guessing to prepare for a surprise visit from Santa Claus?!

Who could be angry at these sweet faces!?

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