Happy Birthday To You and You

>> Friday, September 09, 2011

The girls are nine, as Taylor has informed me just half way to being an adult.  It does go by fast as much as I hate to see the time go by, each and every year brings something new and exciting.

Being born so close to the first anniversary of September 11th it really makes me look at their birthdays in a different way.  When September 11th occurred I was single, no thoughts of family, marriage, anyone but myself in my head.

Little did I know by the time the first anniversary of that day came, I would have my own little family.  I was still in the hospital and watching the footage replay itself on TV and it affected me in a completely different way. (it may have been the hormones?!)  My life did a complete 180 during that year as many peoples' did that day.  So each year I am gratefully thankful for our family, the life we have, and remember to cherish life each and everyday.

So here's to our beautiful completely different yet mostly the same twins.  We love you to pieces and hope you had an AMAZING birthday.

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